• Beaumont Tower clock closeup viewed through icy branches. Text overlay: A rich past is worth nothing without an investment in the future.
    Making a gift to support students at Michigan State University is one of the most impactful ways you can make a difference on this campus. Our unit exists to provide assistance to donors who are interested in supporting students at all levels of education here at MSU.
  • Students sitting, studying in front of glass windows, with snow visible on the ground outside.
    Undergraduate education should be the foundation for students’ continuing growth and development, promoting knowledge, attitudes and abilities that prepare students to be global-ready graduates, lifelong learners, and citizens working effectively among diverse people and ideas.
  • Students walking on a snow covered campus, beneath lanterns of learning.
    Graduate fellowship funds allow us to successfully compete to attract the best students to Michigan State University, confident that we can provide access to the education they need to take their places as scholars, leaders, and change agents. These students are our collective future.
  • A student walks across a snow covered campus, viewed beneath the archway of Marshall-Adams Hall.
    Members of the Honors College excel in all aspects of life; whether it is doing exciting research and creative activities, tackling new career opportunities or volunteering in our respective communities. The MSU Honors community near and far is finding ways to make the world a better place.
  • Students cross the bridge over a frozen Red Cedar River
    Our alumni clubs are spread across the nation and world, and our alumni serve as the biggest advocates for Michigan State University. Our unit is pleased to serve as a resource for how alumni clubs can work to support students and their education at Michigan State University.

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